Sunday Hostesses:
      Are you a member of one of Utah's unique heritage groups who enjoys dressing in traditional attire and greeting people in a lovely garden setting? Contact us here and your name and information will be given to the Salt Lake Council of Women.
Field Guides:
      Would you like to share the experience of the peace gardens with the elderly or youngsters? How about veterans or tourists? We would like to arrange training for you in the spring so that you may share the delights of the International Peace Gardens with others during the opening season.
Join our campaign:
      To clean up and maintain the environmental integrity of the section of the Jordan River adjacent to the International Peace Gardens.
Gardening skill:
      Certain Gardens during certain times may offer gardening opportunities to volunteers.Watch for more information.
Sign our petition:
      To provide more security around the International Peace Gardens.
Submit your photos and other information:
      Contribute to the historical reconstruction of the International Peace Gardens.
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Spread the word:
      If you love the International Peace Gardens help us to post this web address on travel directories and websites. Ask local newsletters and papers to contact us for a feature. Arrange for a talk at your school or community group. Email our website address to your likeminded friends and especially to your international friends.


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Peace Gardens International Academy
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