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     The Peace Gardens International Academy is a charitable nonprofit organization whose aspiration is to enhance the awareness, appreciation and enchantment of the International Peace Gardens at Jordan Park, Salt Lake City, Utah USA. To realize this purpose, the Peace Gardens International Academy maintains a website interpreting the International Peace Gardens and the persons, folklore and heritage associated with it. By arranging funding the Academy supports the acquisition and restoration of garden art and architecture, special native plantings, and the conservation of the International Peace Gardens national garden plots as they now exist. The Academy is also pioneering campaigns to perpetuate environmental responsibility, community security, and historical designations as these pertain to the International Peace Gardens, Jordan Park and the adjacent Jordan River. The Academy is proud to organize lectures, cultural and horticultural events, celebrations, and fundraisers. The Academy looks forward to offering a donation to the Salt Lake Council of Women for their August Tea and traditional Sunday Hostesses program at the Garden.

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